Video Exclusive: Israeli Intelligence Official Breaks Down Operation Breaking Dawn's Surprising Ramifications Across the Middle East

Avi Melamed joins Future of Jewish for a wide-ranging, extra-ordinary conversation following the recent Israeli operation in Gaza.

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Following the recent events between Israel and the Gaza Strip — known on the Israeli side as Operation Breaking Dawn — Future of Jewish founder Joshua Hoffman was joined for an exclusive interview with Avi Melamed, whose illustrious career included tenure as an Israeli Intelligence Official and Senior Official on Arab Affairs.

This is not your normal interview, because Melamed is not your average “pro-Israel” talking head. In this expansive hour-long video interview, Melamed offers — in many ways — novel, meticulous, and infrequently talked about topics and subjects, such as:

  • Why Operation Breaking Down could very well be a new, unprecedented chapter in the Israeli-Palestinian saga

  • How Israeli security, military, and government bodies delicately handle the highly nuanced and increasingly unstable Palestinians factions

  • Why and how the Middle East impacts the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (as opposed to what most people think: that the Conflict impacts the Middle East)

  • The inner workings of Iran’s “master plan” and its ramifications on Israel

Melamed is the author of three books, all in English, including his newest one published in February 2022: Inside the Middle East – Entering a New Era, which is being distributed by Simon & Schuster.

In recent years, Melamed runs a U.S.-based organization called Inside the Middle East – Intelligence Perspectives, alongside Maia Hoffman — providing professional, apolitical, non-partisan, intelligence-based contextualized education and knowledge about the Middle East.

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