Thank G-d for Saudi Arabia’s sticking to their agreement with Israel and staying away from Iran and Hamas.

Proxy wars are evil.

The Hamas blitzkrieg on Israel (with Iran’s help) was unforgivable and these same terrorists are using the Palestinians as fodder for the Israeli bombs and not allowing them to leave Northern Gaza, in order to protect their tunnels.

Antisemitism has reared it’s head because the world is ignorant and biased.

G-d help Israel. G-d bless Saudi Arabia for standing against Iran and the Islamic Jihad terrorists.

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Hi Joshua- I feel the same way. And even their public denunciations don’t “impress” me otherwise. Like you said, it’s public theater. And the best indicator, in my amateur opinion, is that they kind of have to side with Israelis, if they know what’s good for them. I mean, adapt or die, which means peace with the Jews. Great article.

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