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Well said: October 7 was an attack on all Jews, everywhere. Jews in America are no different than the families, elderly, children, and everyone else slaughtered, raped and tortured in Israel on October 7. The only difference is a few thousand miles.

Because of this, I have been saying to my non-Jewish friends that if you have Jewish friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances--Hamas essentially murdered, tortured and kidnapped YOUR friends and family.

Not that any of this will matter to the liberals, of which I was one until I saw their reaction on October 8. Never again.

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Further to Diane Steiner’s comment. The Grand Mufti Haj Amin was ‘Yasser Arafat’s uncle & a friend of Hitler. He encouraged Palestinian Arabs to volunteer for the Waffen SS which had some interesting foreign regiments. And let’s not forget the then Shah either. Also a friend & admirer of Hitler & his creed. Not many people realise that it was under the Führer’s influence that ‘Persia’ became Iran (the land of the Aryans). Iranians & their language belong to the Indo-European group. Part of their broad anti-Semitism is directed to Semites like the Saudis!

Going back much further, the weird ambivalence towards us and our religion has its roots in Mohammed’s own experience.

He had a lot of contact with the Jewish community in Mecca, then a critical trading centre. Influenced by their religion, to his credit, he saw its truth. But when he approached the Jewish leaders to say he believed in what they did & offered himself to them as their leader, he never forgot the ‘insult’ of their refusal.

Hence, when you read all the Koran with an open mind (and I think it’s important to), you find (1) admiration for our prophets and their ethical teachings (including Jesus whom Mohammed considered another in the line of propers but not the ‘son of God’ and (2) hurt & virulent criticism of us as obstinate & wrong in our ‘exclusivity’. It’s all there right from the beginning. Explains Mohammed’s vision of being taken overnight to Jerusalem and back on a fantastic horse-like creature. In Jerusalem God promised him the city would be his. Hence, his war to conquer & colonise ...

So important to look at history!

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The Arabs have a long history with the Germans thanks to the Grand Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who had been given the title of Aryan Brother. Unfortunately, the German legacy lives on through the Arabs and it's just as barbaric as the Holocaust.

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