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What a great history lesson! Confirms my suspicion that it's time for Israel to find some more buddies. Let's face it: the influence of the Red/Green Alliance in the US is alarmingly real. The Democrat party might as well rename itself the Socialist Party and with the exception of a few vocal Israel-supporters on the GOP side, usually Christian evangelists, America's friendship cannot be trusted. I'm wondering what, if any, positive developments may come from Elon Musk's meeting with Bibi and with the "love fests" between Chabad leaders and Argentina's new anti-communist, "pro-Israel" President Javier Milei who announced he is converting to Judaism. I heard the Chabad are convening in Buenos Aires this weekend (Dec 1 to 4). There is also...and please don't send me hate posts....China to consider. Yes China. Listen....China has a totalitarian government but it is uniquely "Chinese"....not allied with Islam (in fact China put Muslims into "re-education camps" and is likely laughing its head off at Western-style cultural Marxist "wokism".) China also has respect for Jews (and a certain fear/distrust of us)....but it's the respect that's important. China knows Israel is a superpower in the areas of agriculture, technology, medicine (have I missed something?) is not interested in ruling the Asian world and her marriage to the US is on the rocks. As long as we're careful not to let the Chinese slip out the back door with our patents or learn anything useful from their drone and cyber spying, it's worth finding out if Israel and China can cut any deals. Uncle Sam, you're on notice!

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Very, very well said Susan!

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God was working in the background.

If you look in the Bible, it was predicted that the Jewish people would return to eretz Israel.

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