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Very good article. So much yes and a testament to the importance of well written, long-form content. I will, without a doubt, share this widely.

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This is terrific, and I was especially glad to see someone recommend Wikipedia, the greatest website of all-time. There is enough information on Wikipedia to keep a person reading about this conflict for decades.

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The bombing is certainly relevant to discussions of Gaza. The world is reacting to it.

Very few Jews commit violence against Palestinians but they are all indoctrinated to kill us? I question those perceptions.

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Thank you for the discussion of how Israel analyzed civilian casualties.

You omitted any mention of the weeks of bombing between October 7 and the ground incursion. Those images on the nightly news were devastating. Because of recency bias and the addition of new images of devastation every day Israel’s PR is pretty bad right now.

I noticed you did not use a link to support your statement that thousands of people are calling for the murder of Jews. That might have been helpful.

The references to the occupied territories as Judea and Samaria are not helpful, however, especially if you’re saying Arab/Palestinian intransigence is the obstacle to peaceful coexistence.

How do we move toward peace and safety for everyone in the region, Jew, Muslim, Druze, etc.?

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