Fantastic interview. I learned so much yet I was nodding my head in agreement the entire time.

We lived in Westin, CT from 2000-2003. Odd coincidence. Of all places.

I admire you for leaving the “safety” of the US for Israel. Before Oct 7 whenever I heard about the murder of a civilian I wondered why all Israelis weren’t armed. If I asked an Israeli the answer was, “We have the military everywhere.” It never made sense to me. I purchased a firearm two years ago because crime was/is so rampant here. And now there are news reports that Jews in the US are buying firearms in record numbers.

Are there news reports of Israeli families arming themselves? It’s a necessary evil.

Thank you. Beautiful family. 🇮🇱🙏

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I wouldn’t take anything the UN which is dominated by Arab countries and always condemns Israel more than any other country as gospel. However occupying other people even though Israel won that land in 1967 after being attacked is not in its interest for the sake of its democracy. On the other hand security is always a considération Israel has to deal with as shown by Oct 7 th massacre

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You don’t mean condone u mean condemn

Re Abu Mazel and Oct 7 th

Also don’t call Hamas terrorists Palestinians. You need to choose words carefully

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So, you think it's OK that the Palestinians have never been asked between 1900 and today whether they would like increased Jewish settlement in Palestine? If you can point me toward an event in which they were asked their consent I would be impressed. Otherwise, trying to devalue the UN 1947 settlement is just self-serving legal interpretation to justify what Israel has wanted to do.

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I hope the IDF finds and kills every Hamas terrorist. I also hope they stop bombing S Gaza, so fewer Palestinian civilians are killed.

Rachel Moore says: “No one is saying get out of the West Bank."

I am saying get out of the West Bank. That land was assigned for the Palestinians by the UN in 1947 and the UN has never voted to take it away from them. I support the UN 's decision and I think Israel should get out of the West Bank.

Although Rachel Moore is not trying to scare Palestinians out of their homes, some settlers are, and they are succeeding.

Washington Post

https://www.washingtonpost.com › world › 2023/11/09

Nov 9, 2023 — Attacks against Palestinians by radical settlers have surged since Oct. 7, as vigilantes seek to exploit the war in Gaza to remake the map ...

At this point Israel has done plenty to make Palestinians hate them; Palestinians have done plenty to make Israelis hate them. But in 1900, the Ottoman Empire counted 700,000 Palestinians and about 5000 Jews. So, who is displacing whom? I remain in favor of the 1947 UN settlement, which is the only legal foundation for the state of Israel.

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